Wordpress Websites are the most popular in the world. There is a very good reason for this. They are flexible, free, you can manage them yourself, they can do most anything you have seen on other websites and much more.

We build, maintain and manage all kinds of wordpress websites. Below are a few of our clients we have created WordPress websites for.

Chiropractic  Alternatives
This built for a local Chiropractor who wanted a full width modern look for his practice. He knew what he wanted for colors and fonts and the basic style.

Some additional changes were made after the first draft.

Notice the contemporary style with the full width image below the navigation and the three blocks/links below,
This website is fully responsive and will work well in full PC, tablet and mobile.


I stumbled on this website, it was unfinished and looked unprofessional. I took a closer look and guessed the owner had tried to put the website up himself with wordpress and probably got stuck at a point where he may have beyond gone his experience with websites.

WordPress is one of the most popular and flexible website options out. I use it most often….I called the owner and offered to customize and clean it.


This is a similar case to the montgomerycaterco website above. The library employees had been working on their website for over a year and it was still incomplete. I spoke to administrator and the employee.

They wanted a wordpress website that they could manage themselves after I finished the work.

I worked with them to accomplish this and now they make updates and manage the website.


This is a word press website for the town of Newport VT.  It has video galleries of the meetings , documents, blog.  It ius also linked to a Facebook that generates a lot of the traffic from the town residents.