Once unaffordable for most small business, now video advertising is more reasonable than an average paper ad…

Not only do we produce the ad but also run it 10s of thousands of times in any selected geographic area(s) on dozens of websites and Youtube.

Below are some of clients we have produced video for. The ads we produce for the most part are 30, 60, 90 seconds in various styles depending on the clients needs and vision. This a listing for some of them …

The is video was produced for a client who had a home brewing operation. A physical store where people came and brewed their own beer, had lessons, Sort of like a part atmosphere. The client also sold brewing equipment at his online store.

Whiteboard animated video ad. This is our ad of course with a dual purpose. The first to advertise our digital services and second to add this type of white board video to our portfolio.

Medicare supplement supplement company. I produced this video for branding/advertising for this company. I added a professionally produced voice over. Also created a website for them.

Home care for the Elderly. I created an Adwords campaign for this client originally. She decided to use a video as well. I had an idea and suggested to her that she might record the voice over on her cell phone and I would add it to the video. This we did. She recorded it on her phone and sent it to me. I tweaked the adio and added it to the video I produced for her. A persona touch I suppose.