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There are many ways to produce ads for retail. These samples are product videos and animated flash ads which focus on branding and presenting product images.

[jwplayer player=”3″ playlistid=”1161″]

This is horizontal animated flash display ad. They come in various sizes.


How we produce the Video and Flash ads

The client provides product images or directs us to online resources to cut and paste from (supplier websites, personal image galleries, face book, store website etc).

We offer phone and email support in this whole process to make it
easy and to give you the best video production possible.

How we advertise your video

We use the Google display network to place your ads on dozens of websites and youtube that you can choose as well as targeting the ad to show in a geographic area where your customers are. There is a lot of info on this site explaining online advertising details, feel free to browse…

If you do not already have a Google account, we will set you up, no charge. Also Google has authorized us to give a 100.00 ad credit to get you started (new Google accounts only).

To get started or get more info…
Call us 802 334 2437 or
email us

    • Video Ads
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      • 30 Second Ad
        • 150.00
      • 60 Second Ad
        • 195.00
      • 90 Second ad
        • 220.00
  • Flash Display Ads
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    • Static – 1 page – 4 sizes
      • 95.00
    • animated 3 pages – 4 sizes
      • 145.00
    • animated 5 pages – 4 sizes
      • 185.00