Restaurant Videos

Nothing like a video to show off your restaurant. Here a few different ways to off your eatery. Shooting the video right from the restaurant is always a good idea to let people see the interaction of the customers the help, food and the interior.

A video can also be produced with still images animated. You can also use a combination of both stills, animated text and live footage. There are many ways to go. The video can be used to play on website, Youtube or even a short ad on and adwords campaign.

Here a few samples we have made to help you choose….

We will start out with a short video produced with just still images and text animated. Add a little rock music or what ever suits the client and mood of the restaurant.

This is a short video which could also be used for video ad or website

Eastside Restaurant Newport, Vermont

This video was shot in part on location and combined with still images. Add a little mood music and you get a good feel what the restaurant is all about. A little interview with a few of the patrons to create a small testimonial was a nice touch.