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There is an new buzz in the real estate..Videos …but not only the videos themselves, but how they are presented. The new way is have all your videos on a Youtube channel with a video trailer at the beginning describing what your are about. Also playlists categorized with sections.
The buyers choose a category-section and the videos play one after the other with just one click!

We produce the ads, place them on websites and Youtube and run them tens of thousands of times in geographic area(s) of your choice!

We offer services for all the products below including Set up of Youtube channel, Video links inside video, Do it yourself video – you shoot, we edit, and upload, Google video advertising campaigns.

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This is a video sample I made for a client who was looking for something different. At the time I had a website called OnlineHouseForSale. This was done with a green screen shot of myself narrating the video with scenes and properties in the background.

This video shows how a youtube channel with an opening trailer, sections and playlists work together.
It is possible to group your videos into categories and have them auto play with one click….

More potential buyers are asking for video. We offer a reasonable option. High definition images the client provides then we add motion to the images with back ground music, narration, introduction with graphics and clients logo, captions with price and contact information.

Video clips can also be included and support is offered to client on optimizing capturing the photos and video.

Banner ads are another option to get your name and properties out their. This is a animated banner we can place on on websites or on the side of youtube videos through Google adwords.