Promotional Videos

Promotional videos cover a wide range and could be for events, companies, colleges, cities. This might even be sort of a miscellaneous category.
They could be done on location, with still images and animated text, whiteboard animation or in other combinations. With green screen and narration.

I have tried to include a few different types for you to view and maybe get some ideas of your own for your next video.

This client had some aerial footage and the short voice over which they gave me to piece together with images and text descriptions which I got from their website and other images they provided. So basically this was for the most part an editing job part.

The North Country Players, I shot this with three cameras, myself and another Videographer, I also used 6 tracks of audio.

The Goodrich Memorial Library walk thru video. I did this as well as the website for the library. they had received a generous grant and restored the building which also has a museum on the second floor. The director of the library also did a section explaining the 100 year history of the library. This is video is features of the website.