Pay Per Click ADs

Pay Per click, (PPC) is certainly one of the most popular and easily understood platforms for most for most advertisers.
Some advertisers start out with help from Google to help them set this up. After they help you get started, it is pretty much up to the advertiser to take it from there.

Another option is you can hire an expert to set up your campaign. We can do this for you and for advertisers who have never had an Adwords account we can get a $100, credit for your ad spend.

For the advertisers who set uo their own accounts the biggest mistake is to think after it is all set up that it will just run and be profitable Some clients are coming from experience with advertising with newspapers and other print media. Digital advertising is a different world

For the ads to work they have to monitored checked , bids adjusted, work on the key words, optimizing the ads along with many other aspects.  If this type of management is not taken care of it could result in a huge expense with little result.

This is where we can help!    There are two options aside from setting up the campaign from scratch and managing it.

We can manage the ads for you at a monthly management fee if you have an existing account


We offer a consultation/self management  where we help and teach you to do this your self on an existing account or from scratch and be with you every step of the way.

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