There are two parts to the pricing

  • 1.) Cost to produce the ad
  • 2.) Cost to run the ads

The ads run on the Google display network. Some clients have an existing account.

The budget to run the ads is up to the client and can be any price from 1.00 to any amount desired. The higher the budget, the more times the ad will show. Average cost at this time about 2.00 per thousand impressions (when the ad or video shows).

For clients who do not have an account.

We set up the account free of charge with purchase of an ad product.

Right now all new Google accounts receive 100.00 credit towards running ads.

The pricing is per month and includes performance reports of the ads, placement of the ads on dozens of websites, geographic targeting and more.

  • Video Ads
  • View Samples

    • 30 Second Ad
      • 150.00
    • 60 Second Ad
      • 195.00
    • 90 Second ad
      • 220.00
  • Flash Display Ads
  • View Samples

    • Static – 1 page – 4 sizes
      • 95.00
    • animated 3 pages – 4 sizes
      • 145.00
    • animated 5 pages – 4 sizes
      • 185.00

The prices also include….
Ad production, set up ad campaign on Google Display network and management for one month.

The cost for running the ad on line is a separate charge paid to Google.

The budget for the Google expense is entirely up to the client, there is no minimum. However we suggest at least $60.00 for a month.

For new Google accounts we can apply a $100.00 credit toward running the ads!

For client with an existing Google account. We will put the ad on your existing account and set it up.

After the first month…

There are two options

  • Continue running existing ad(s) and pay a monthly management fee Pricing for adjustments on budget, placement, reports, rotation of ads, scheduling (for instance running the ads every other day or skip a week and boost budget 3rd week.)
  • Produce a new ad at listed price which includes management cost for the month .

All the ads can also be placed on websites and Youtube!


  • Real Estate Virtual tour video
  • Add motion to high definition images client provides with background music, captions, narration that bring your listing to life with a streaming video you can post online or email to potential buyers.

    • 12 Images….Background music….Captions….Online listing
      • 75.00
    • 16 Images….Background music….Narration….Online listing
      • 95.00
    • 24 Images….Background music….Narration….Online listing
      • 125.00
Campaign Management Only

(The first option below is included in any of the above plans included in the plan price.. Campaign management only is for those that already have ads or existing campaigns they need help managing.)

  • One monthly report by email and phone, search for new placements, manage budget, schedule ads
    • Price 60.00
  • Two monthly reports – manage multiple ads, placement search, budget, bids, 45 min tutorial on self management of account
    • Price 90.00


  • Setup Youtube Channel, Sections
    and Playlists
    • 1 section and 1 playlist up to 20 videos, set up Channel art and logo
      • 100.00
    • Additional Playlist or section
      • 5.00
    • Additional videos
      • 2.00

  • Video with links
  • ad 2 links to existing video….15.00 ea
  • ad 4 links to existing video…12.50 ea
  • ad 8 or more links to existing video…10.00 ea

We are often asked where do these ads show? They show on websites that are selected from Google partners of which there are hundreds of thousands.

When we set up the ad campaign we search for sites relevant to your business and ad them. The client can also make suggestions to specific placement. On the left column are some examples of ads in different sizes included on websites partnered with Google, click the image to expand.

More on ad placement

Online ads are available on websites partnered with the GoogleDisplay network and are available in 6 standards sizes.
Below are 3 examples.



Ad placement

When we set up a client,. The first place we might start placing the ads are newspapers. All online versions of newspapers are partnered with Google. Then we start searching for relative blogs, information sites , shopping, videos and many other websites where potential buyers of the product or service. We start adding and monitoring the to see their performance,. Weed the weaker ones. Work at getting the ads to perform better.

The great advantage of this new advertising, being able to get reports on all aspects and making improvements. From this time on advertising will never be the same….

Ad Campaign Maintenance

This type of new advertising requires maintenance during the month
in which feed back of the ads performance is checked and adjustments made to where the ads are placed, new ads are produced, keywords are tested and implemented, and other adjustments critical to the ad optimum performance are tweaked.


Websites come with different needs sizes and shapes. E commerce sites are more expensive because there is a lot more to them.

A simple 3 page budget website on the other hand is very reasonable. We offer very competitive rates So we quote the client based on their needs. Call us for a quote 802 334 2437.