What is WordPress

WordPress Websites

WordPress websites the most popular and widely used in the world. Latest statistic I found for Mar 16, 2016 – 15,886,000 websites in the world on the web.

This is for a very good reason:

        • They are free!
          • Can be self managed CMS (content management system)
          • Open source and constantly evolving
          • 44,621 available plugins that can add functionality easily of most anything you have ever seen on a website.
          • Thousands of free and premium themes available The can be styled to be completely unique
          • Free tutorials explaining almost anything you can imagine on youtube
          • Never have to change to another platform
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Google log of client Interest


Google log of client InterestCookies? My wife makes some bad ass cookies.

But…in the world of internet advertising, cookies are something very different.

The information highway on the internet uses cookies to gather information from users computers so they can be targeted by advertisers to help them to get to the potential buyers who have shown interest in the products/services they are trying to sell from the users recent searches and other data on their computer.

Most people think this as intrusive….but consider this..all the great content on the internet is supported by this…all the people who have informative blogs, all the great youtube videos and scores of other great websites all supported by the trade of users taking free information from the all the great content in exchange for the user giving information about themselves so companies can attempt to try to sell you products and services they have shown interest in!

No different from the tv ads we have lived with to watch a favorite program we all know that they are the sponsors who make it possible for the program to happen…thus the new world…same..this for that.

location target sample for client

Location Targeting

location targeting on google console

Location targeting would be one of the new features that Google has added in spring of 2013 to make Google ads more powerful and effective.

Advertisers can now choose where their ads will show by zip code, county, state or country.

The New Online Advertising

The way we get information has changed as well as the the way business advertises to get information to their potential customers/clients.

In the spring of 2013 major changes were made by Google…the king of online advertising.

Most business does not realize the potential of the new changes…
to get a very simple idea…multiply 100 times the number of people that can be reached by a newspaper magazine or radio ad at 50% the cost.

These numbers can be verified through digital reports.

This type of advertising is transparent and accountable, unprecedented. let us begin to discuss this new frontier…