Inns, Bed & Breakfast

Video and Flash Display ads – including..producton of the ads, placement on Websites and them 10s of thousands of times! (Ad placement)

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Flash ads 1000’s of places they can appear…Ad placement
They come in various sizes.

Food and Wine Advertising

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Video Ads and Flash Display Ads

For Inns, Bed and Breakfast we offer video ads and display ads production and advertising. We..

  • Produce the ads
  • Place them on Websites and Youtube
  • Run them tens of thousands of times
  • The ads run on your preferred geographic location(s)

After the ad is produced it will can appear on hundreds of websites with thousands of views in any targeted location and optimized to show up on computers of those who have interest in staying at an inn or bed and breakfast

We produce the video ad as well as advertise it on hundreds of websites and youtube.

If you already have video ads we can advertise them for you.

We target specific geographic locations for the ads.
Some of the desired targeting we have found for our Vermont clients are Boston, Hartford, New York City.

Sample of a client with preferred geographic targeting

There are 1000,s websites and youtube locations to place the Ads. to give an idea…youtube,,,,,, Gmail,,,,,…more

The ad will show up when a viewer in the targeted location is on one of the the websites chosen if his interest matches..for instance if your targeted location is Vermont and the the interest of the viewer is vacationing in the country. The ad will show on this website.
For the first time you can get answers about the performance of your ads and options to optimize them. Here is a link to videos with screen shots of a client ad campaign with billing details,performance and other information.


We produce the videos and display ads using quality graphics and Hi Def images. We can take them from the clients website, create our own from scratch, the client can also provide images and or video clips they have shot themselves. We put it all together with back-ground, voice over, captions etc Samples of our videos

  • Video Ads
  • View Samples

    • 30 Second Ad
      • 150.00
    • 60 Second Ad
      • 195.00
    • 90 Second ad
      • 220.00
  • Flash Display Ads
  • View Samples

    • Static – 1 page – 4 sizes
      • 95.00
    • animated 3 pages – 4 sizes
      • 145.00
    • animated 5 pages – 4 sizes
      • 185.00

The prices also include….
Ad production, set up ad campaign on Google Display network and management for one month.

The cost for running the ad on line is a separate charge paid to Google.

The budget for the Google expense is entirely up to the client, there is no minimum. However we suggest at least $60.00 for a month.

For new Google accounts we can apply a $100.00 credit toward running the ads!

For client with an existing Google account. We will put the ad on your existing account and set it up.

After the first month…

There are two options

  • Continue running existing ad(s) and pay a monthly management fee Pricing for adjustments on budget, placement, reports, rotation of ads, scheduling (for instance running the ads every other day or skip a week and boost budget 3rd week.)
  • Produce a new ad at listed price which includes management cost for the month .

All the ads can also be placed on websites and Youtube!