Google Shopping Ads

These ads formerly called “Product Listing Ads” or PLA’s. Google made changes and updates in 2013. They are now officially called “Shopping Ads” though some still refer to them as PLA’s.
Shopping campaigns are one of the most effect ways to sell products on line with an e-Commerce website. You get add extra advantage using this type of advertising over using a PPC text ad for selling products.

As you can see on the image example, right away the shopper sees the image of the product they searched for as well as the price and a promotion if there is one.
If the user decides to click on the product, it brings them directly to the product page to place the order.  Notice the text ad below from a competitor. They are selling Mantis Tillers. Right above is the shopping ad. Notice that without even clicking the user can see two images of Mantis Tillers along with the price.. you know when you click on the ads they will bring you directly to the exact item for the price listed. Google policy does not allow different price or information on the the website that that of the ad. Users know this from experience.

So the user has the choice of clicking on a text ad and not knowing what models of the product they will find or the pricing or they can click on the shopping ad and know they will see the exact product at the listed price when they get to the website. The choice is clear.. This the reason of high conversions using these ads for products.

We set up the Shopping Ads which includes a Merchant Feed with product attributes linked to your Adwords account. If you do not have an account, we will set that up as well.

We also offer management of existing accounts as well as consultation for self management.

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