Ad Reports

Where were the ads shown?
How many times were the ads run?
Where are my ads running?

What locations got the most response?
What am I being billed for?
What are the advantages of video advertising?

The answers to these questions……………

Where ads were shown

Performance ReportClick image to Expand

This is partial sample from a monthly report of a display ad’s performance.

So first look at this may be confusing. To simplify lets focus on two columns..

The fifth column from left (impr) this is how many times the ad appeared and the last column (cost)

If you do a little math you will see average cost is 1.00 for
750 – 1000 impressions…a lot of exposure for the money.

Which ads were shown

AD Per formance Spread SheetClick image to Expand

This report brakes down the individual performance of the display ads by which ads showed up more and the cost each time it did.

All the reports can be furthered examined by changing the columns to show different aspects of the individual report such as chronological order of ads by clicks, cost etc

Daily report frequency and cost

Daily ReportClick image to expand

This is a daily report to give a general idea of number of times the ad showed, how many times the user clicked on the ad to visit the website and how much it cost each day.

Again, it is easy to see that the cost averages around 1.00 for 1,000 impressions (an impression is when the ad shows up on a website).


Location Targeting

location targetingClick image to expand

Spring of 2013, Google created their new enhanced advertising. One of the more significant improvements was Location targeting.

You can now target any location to run your ads. This image is of business in Newport. They wanted to advertise in a 20 mile radius of their location but not in Canada which is less that 20 miles.

AS you see the circle is red when it reaches into Canada because it is money wasted on advertising in areas that will not serve potential customers!


Billing and performance Video

Biling Video

This video is a detailed breakdown of the billing and costs for advertising on Google. There are screen shots using an actual client with Google’s incredible interface that is used in reporting all the details of an advertising campaign.


Video Advertising Details

Best choice to advertise

A video explaining all the advantages of using this powerful new video advertising. Once again you will see with screen shots the interface that includes reports of performance as well as a sample of an actual video used by a client.