Display Advertising


Online display ads, we have all seen them on the sides top and bottom of websites. Pulsating, moving, expanding to get our attention. Travel, buy me, see more….they work.

We produce the ad and run them 10s of thousands of times on dozens of websites in any geographic area(s).

They come in many different sizes to fit in any browser, website, laptop, PC and mobile.

AD Display ad sizes

samples sizes Click to enlarge

The ads are placed on Google partner websites which are numerous. Each partner designates areas on their website where the ads can be placed, thus all the different sizes. On our ad plans we start our clients with the 4 most common sizes to maximize placement on most websites.

Every time an ad shows on the partner website Google pays the partner a fraction of a penny. This has inspired all the most visited website owners to partner with Google. The possibilities for advertisers is growing everyday.

Below is a series of our own ads and others in different sizes.The links are pop out window you have to manually close after viewing.
Click the buttons! close popup [X] after viewing

Below are screen shots of how the ads appear on websites and actual animated ad samples.

sample display ad Burlington Free Press

Burlington Free Press click to enlarge

Static Display Ads

Static display images are not animated. They are the most reasonable ads because the production is less involved. They still link to your website and have full function with the exception of the animation.

Cell phone display ad

Car Starter display ad


The options for Online advertising are getting more sophisticated and effective than ever.

The buyers themselves have embraced the world of technology and expect products and services to be presented in this fashion.

If a business is not there, on video, a website or popping out of a smart phone, you may not get their attention.

So enough trying to please the buyers! What about the advertisers?

Online advertising costs less than paper advertising

It reaches more potential buyers.

Online advertising uses digital technology to present ads to potential buyers by the information collected from computer users about their interests, searching habits and other information and matching it with the content of what is being advertised. The ad automatically shows up on websites the user is on, matching his/her interest.

If that is not good enough…..

It is accountable…There are reports for all aspects of the ads performance available to the advertiser!

Tower display ad
The reports include

  • When and where the ads showed,
  • how much it cost for the ad to show exactly per impression (each time it shows on a website)

how the ad was generated

  • from a keyword?
  • the users search history?
  • their interests?
  • age, gender?
  • location or a combination of any the above.

The ads can appear a number of ways

  • On websites chosen randomly by Google
  • On websites chosen by the client
  • Choose the location for ads to appear
  • Detailed Reports of all ad PerforZmance
  • Many more options time of day, budget,
    gender, age, bids, topics , interests and more

CBS sample display ad

CBS 48 Hours Click to enlarge


VT living sample ads

VT living click to enlarge

Homes and land Sample ad

Homes and Land click to enlarge