Google log of client Interest


Google log of client InterestCookies? My wife makes some bad ass cookies.

But…in the world of internet advertising, cookies are something very different.

The information highway on the internet uses cookies to gather information from users computers so they can be targeted by advertisers to help them to get to the potential buyers who have shown interest in the products/services they are trying to sell from the users recent searches and other data on their computer.

Most people think this as intrusive….but consider this..all the great content on the internet is supported by this…all the people who have informative blogs, all the great youtube videos and scores of other great websites all supported by the trade of users taking free information from the all the great content in exchange for the user giving information about themselves so companies can attempt to try to sell you products and services they have shown interest in!

No different from the tv ads we have lived with to watch a favorite program we all know that they are the sponsors who make it possible for the program to happen…thus the new world…same..this for that.