location target sample for client

Location Targeting

location targeting on google console

Location targeting would be one of the new features that Google has added in spring of 2013 to make Google ads more powerful and effective.

Advertisers can now choose where their ads will show by zip code, county, state or country.

The New Online Advertising

The way we get information has changed as well as the the way business advertises to get information to their potential customers/clients.

In the spring of 2013 major changes were made by Google…the king of online advertising.

Most business does not realize the potential of the new changes…
to get a very simple idea…multiply 100 times the number of people that can be reached by a newspaper magazine or radio ad at 50% the cost.

These numbers can be verified through digital reports.

This type of advertising is transparent and accountable, unprecedented. let us begin to discuss this new frontier…