There are many ways to get your vehicles out beside a black and white news paper ad. The cost of these types of ads are minimal and can reach 10 times the potential customers in specific geographic areas.

This first ad on is a banner display ad. This would show up on the sides of websites. These ads are quite reasonable to run. You can get more info on display ads here.

The client Crosstown Motors In Littleton, NH wanted a series of videos for their website after a recent remodeling their show room. This is the show room, the next video below is their inventory.

The client wanted videos for his website so I went down to Crosstown motors in Littleton, NH to do the shoot. The lot was huge and he suggested I ride on the back of a truck while he drove with my tripod and camera so I could shoot all of his inventory. He had a bit of a heavy foot and I almost flew off the truck going around a corner. Slow Down!

Youtube extended it features so you can now link to other video from within one video. This video is a sample of what can be done with these new features.

This is a fast paced 30 second ad produced for TV. It ran on Comcast. We also produced a 15 second ad with basically the same content to fit in a more reasonably priced ad unit on Comcast.