Google Shopping Campaigns

Googel shopping campaigns are now the preferred way to advertise your products. Why?  They are producing the most conversions for business that sell products online…Get more info

Banner Display

Display ads are ideal for getting your brand out to world. Show up on the sides an top of hundred of websites. We produce the ads for you!

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Retargeting, sometimes call remarketing is another powerful tool.. What is it? The ads that follow you around after you shop at website.

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Video Ads

Video ads are the with out a doubt a very powerful way to advertise. They are now affordable for even the smallest business. We produce the ad and get it running all over the internet.

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Google Analytics

The key to understanding your customers.   This is revolutionary. You do not have to guess any longer what your customers do when they are on your website…

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WordPress Websites

Do you need a website? WordPress websites are the most popular in the world. This if for a very good reason.. They are so versatile and you can manage them yourself… they are also very reasonable. We can build you a beautiful website.

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Build you the website, add the products, Add the merchant account for CC transactions. Advertise to get traffic to your website. Soup to nuts. We can take care of every detail.

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The Advertising Challenge

If you are in business,  you spend some of your time thinking about marketing or advertising unless you are fortunate enough to have a word of mouth established business and do not have to advertise.  It used to be fairly simple placing ads in the print sector of advertising, newspapers, magazines, etc.  The options were limited and you had no control over the ad once it was placed.  You also had no way of measuring the results outside of when you receive call form a potential customer and they told you they were responding to your ad.

The Benefits of Online Advertising

Online advertising is the most powerful tool ever for business.  The downside, it is complex and not easily understood and getting more sophisticated all the time. daunting to some business owners who may just give up without giving it a shot and some who do, I have see,  just go back to print ads and throw money away with little result.

There is a an answer for this group is not taking advantage of this great tool for business.  There are options..firstly you must embrace the idea that is a necessity to succeed in business to use online advertising…secondly whether you chose to take a stab at setting up and managing your own online ad accounts or if you get someone to help you or do all of the work, you will have to take the time to understand how online advertising works.  What this means is,  you have to spend a little time learning the basics or beyond.  With out this basic knowledge you will have difficulty communicating with those who you contract to do the work or if you do this your self,  you may waste a lot of money.

One of the biggest mistakes of businesses when entering the online advertising world is thinking they can set up an online ads campaign,  get it running and expect it to just be successful like what you did with a news paper ad.. Set it up and you are done.. NO, NO , NO,  You know what say about running business.  Like a baby that must be fed, changed, health checks, nurtured..this is what is necessary for an online advertising strategy…The successful businessmen all know this.

Take for instance, the popular TV  program “Shark Tank”.   Each person who goes before the Sharks will have to persuade the Sharks to invest in their dream.  Inevitably the subject of online presence will be brought up and an important factor in the Sharks decision to invest.  All of the Sharks know Online Advertising intimately and attribute most of their own successes from online presence.  Mark Cuban boasts of his expertise and has a small army of online experts working for him and his investment clientele…

What we do…

So for many businesses it is a challenge to embrace this new technology of online advertising.  If you are struggling with this or you simply need help or someone to manage your advertising, you have come to the right place.  We are experts on all aspects of online advertising as well as being a Google Certified Partner.  We can help you set up accounts, produce the ads,  manage for best results, consult to help you manage your account your self.

We can help you choose the right strategy for your unique business.  Their are so many choices, Google, Bing, Facebook, Pay per click  (PPC), banner display ads, Text search ads, Video Ads.  Then there is the website which is the core and perhaps the most important element of your online marketing strategy.  What about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Wait I am not finished..because you will want to get the details of your ads performance..This is something that was never possible in the past with traditional  print ads.  Now that it is, business owners now can cut wasted ad spend by knowing who, where and what the potential customers are thinking along the way to making a purchase.  Did they leave your website right away when they clicked?  What pages did they look at?  How long did they spend on each page they visited?  Now that have visited should retarget I them to try and urge a sale?   This is only a fraction of what can be done with online advertising using Google Analytics , another facet of online marketing.